SD Hair is dedicated to carrying the most exclusive extensions and showcasing the latest looks

As a woman I struggled to find good quality hair at an affordable price. So when I made the decision to start my hair business I wanted to provide my customers with the best virgin human hair at an affordable price. I also wanted to enhance their natural beauty with my hair extensions. I source my products from various countries and ensure that my hair extensions originate from healthy donors. As a result my products are not chemically treated in anyway leaving the hair cuticle damage free. My hair extensions are of the finest premium quality and my customers appreciate the quality and affordability I offer. My hair stays soft, silky and tangle free. It holds curls and straightens nicely, and can be dyed and bleached. I intend to give my customers high quality customer service by providing them with detailed hair care instructions and recommended products. I make every effort to ensure my customers enjoy their experience with me, are highly satisfied, remain loyal and become a part of SD Hair&Beauty family.

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